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Good Luck, Cullen Jenkins. Wait, He Signed Where? Oh, Hell No!

Mar 11, 2013, 1:28 AM EDT

By all accounts, Cullen Jenkins is a stand-up guy. The
Eagles probably still could have used him, but he was due to earn $5.6 million
in 2013, his best days clearly past. Decisions like the one to release him come
down all the time. It’s a business.

So we said bon voyage, and assumed Jenkins’ story with the
Birds just about complete. Then he went and did a stupid thing, signing with
the New York Giants.

Jenkins’ three-year deal with an NFC East rival ensures…
well, it means the Eagles will likely see him twice next season at least, perhaps
beyond. Later on probably depends on how much the 32 year old has left in the
tank, but he did a decent enough job while here.

Given that Jenkins only spent two seasons in Philly, we
suspect there won’t be a tremendous uproar over this signing. After all, the Giants did get the Birds off the hook for $1.5M of his salary that was “guaranteed.”

Now if Mike
Patterson were to wind up in Dallas next, that could be a bitter pill to

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