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Here’s the Best Halloween Costume Featuring an Eagles T-Shirt

Nov 2, 2012, 11:10 AM EDT

Halloween has come and gone — unless you live in NJ, I guess — and we didn’t really see too many Philly-sports relates costumes this year aside from the fantastic Phil E. Moose.

However, BuzzFeed rounded up their 50 best Halloween costumes of the year and there are some bangers. The Jon Snow from Game of Thrones is ridiculously good. The group of seven Johnny Depps is fantastic. The Mario Kart group! There’s even a great Snookie’s baby.

But the one that caught our eye was this guy wearing an old school Eagles t-shirt and rocking the really tall guy dressed as a short guy wearing stilts. The Reddit description says he’s a 6’7” guy dressed as “Average Size Guy on Stilts.”

I think I’d add “Average Size Guy on Stilts Wearing Awesome T-Shirt.”