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If Fireman Ed Can Retire, What Should Crazy Eagles Fans Do?

Nov 26, 2012, 11:02 AM EDT

Sad news — or something — with the news of Fireman Ed “retiring” from his role as the guy who spelled really loudly at New York Jets games while wearing a fireman’s helmet. Which got me thinking… what could/should Eagles fans do to show their outrage with society and the organization?

Some ideas:

-That grown man who always wears shoulder pads to games should “hang up” the shoulder pads!

-The team mascot Swoop should leave Philadelphia and head out into the Pennsylvania countryside to start a new life

-The Eagles pep band should become an Eagles cover band instead and play bar mitzvahs.

-The fans who make the “Fire Andy” signs should instead make a sign that says “We Support Andy!” That’d just be funny.

Surely you guys have some better ideas in the comments?


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