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Joe Flacco Rips the Replacement Refs, Ray Rice Rips Eagles, Evan Mathis Trolls with Emoticons

Sep 17, 2012, 3:21 AM EDT

Anyone watching Sunday’s Eagles-Ravens game saw the pitfalls of the NFL using replacement refs. Those who tuned in to the Birds’ radio broadcast of the game had the pleasure of listening to Mike Quick and Merrill Reese absolutely tear into the job these refs were doing over and over. “They just cannot take control of this game,” Quick sad at one point. “Too many skirmishes, too much going on for these guys to handle.”

And it was true. The officials stood out and looked overwhelmed. Everyone saw it. But with the final outcome going in the Eagles favor, of course the Ravens were going to take a bit more issue with the awful officiating — Joe Flacco in particular.

Following the tough loss, Flacco spoke specifically about the offensive interference that was called to negate the Ravens final touchdown. From CSN Baltimore:

“I think those guys were on us tight like that the whole game and there
was a lot of holding and grabbing going on … for them to make that call
was kind of crazy,” said Flacco who finished 22-for-42 passing after
going 21-for-29 a week ago. “He didn’t even throw a flag. He threw a
blue beanie and then put his hands in the air like offensive pass
interference…I mean, come on.”

But the whining wasn’t limited to the officiating. The game was clearly a scrappy one, with DeSean Jackson being the center of many of the skirmishes.

Ravens running back Ray Rice — who must have felt a bit like Shady McCoy from week one yesterday — talked about the Eagles being a dirty team.

Eagles lineman and Twitter star Evan Mathis responded in the trolliest of fashions.<


Here’s the postgame live crew on the officials:


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