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John Cena Trolls Philadelphia, Invokes Donovan McNabb During Monday Night Raw to a Chorus of Boos

Mar 26, 2013, 10:46 AM EDT

I had the pleasure of attending Monday Night Raw at Wells Fargo Center last night and resisted all urges to boo for a solid three hours. My responses were overwhelmingly positive, even if I was confusing the kids in front of me by rooting for every “bad guy” on the roster.

Then John Cena compared himself to Donovan McNabb.

During Raw’s main event — which was actually a debate on a pro wrestling show (just go with it) — Cena and The Rock answered questions from a panel of WWE Hall of Famers about their upcoming match for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

I’m not going to start explaining a decade worth of wrestling continuity or why Cena’s character has the memory of the goldfish, so here’s the short version:

Cena lost to the Rock at last year’s WrestleMania, got divorced IRL, lost a couple matches, and now he’s seeking at shot at redemption. He’s out to win “the big one.” Enter his self-comparison to McNabb which you can watch below.

It was at this point that I began hissing and cursing John Cena to hell. The kids in front of me needed to learn right from wrong and if their mother wasn’t going to teach them, then the responsibility fell to me.

It’s likely the majority of the boos you hear are just people booing at the sound of McNabb’s name, although there’s at least the hope that some of the response was reserved for Cena himself.

Commence trolling:

  1. mermeid6 - Jun 26, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    Have you had the chance to ever watch the movie Vision Quest? Well, if you haven’t you might want to, as it does help one visualize the reality that wrestling is a mental sport, as much as a physical one. As a runner in high-school and college I had a chance to meet many wrestlers, you see wrestlers cannot maintain their physical conditioning without lots of running, wind-sprints, and stadium steps. So, they run, and they run, and they run.


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