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Marcus Vick: Nick Foles supporters are ‘silly peasants’ and Eagles fans are ‘dumb motherf***ers’

Oct 20, 2013, 3:42 PM EDT

Paging all you silly peasants and dumb mother– nevermind.

Marcus Vick took to Twitter Sunday to rub in an especially insufferable first half of Eagles football with his typically insufferable tweets.

And now, Marcus’ thoughts, as Nick Foles was going 11 for 29 for 80 yards while getting sacked three times. Bear in mind, this is a screen cap, so you should start at the bottom and read up:


This isn’t the first time Marcus has embarrassed his brother. There was that time at McDonald’s during the Saints game last year when he requested a trade on Mike’s behalf, and Vick had to address those comments after the game. There was that other time he made a bad situation worse when he put out a bounty on Riley Cooper.

Now he’s got the sister involved — the grandmother, too.

There should be a movie called Marcus Vick’s Day Off. It can be a documentary.

  1. obama816 - Nov 2, 2013 at 9:22 PM

    First off you piece u trailer part trash ppl make mistakes and who the fuck is u to judge him anybody using theese racial ass slurss sick fuck either way it go hr getting paid broke bitch

    • Alamo1537 - Nov 4, 2013 at 3:12 PM

      Obama816-STFU please, your idiotic comments show your lack of class and education.

  2. dagoldenchild13 - Nov 6, 2013 at 12:19 AM

    STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!!! damn WTF is wrong with everybody! This discussion isnt’t about race. It’s about wheather or not Foles should start or not!! Michael Vick’s RACE is American, just like all of us!! Last time I checked douce bags a race wasn’t a color!! IN PETA terms. Do you tink it matters if a pitbull is white or black?? It’s still a freakin pitbull right??Let me guess ” No its a WHITE pitbull” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! oh Mikey Vick did 18 months in LEVINWORTH Military prison for fighting dogs!! Whens the last time ANYBODY has been sent to prison at Levinworth for fighting their dog?? Get over it , it was 3 years ago. It’s over, Continuosly bashing somesome for something over and over and over gets old!! OK we and HE got the point!! It was wrong. move on!! Now what we REALLY should be talking about. I lost my fantasy quarterback Aaron Rodgers to a broken collarbone. I picked up Nick Foles. I have no stake in this team anyways. I’m from Houston and could’ve grabbed Case Keenum!! But I bet on Foles in the meantime. And ya’ll talk about quarterbacks?? HA Have you seen Matt Shaub lately?? Houstons got bad luck with quarterbacks, and I’d love to have either one of them here now///LOL Now Mikey Vick is 1 of my favorite/ I still ave his ATL Jersey and I love his style of play. But let the truth be told, the Eagles don’t have ANY quarterback protection. Their O lines is hit or miss. No but really It’s true and it’s been that way for years. Thats why D McNabb couldn’t stay healthy he was getting consitantly hit. And thats why Mikey keeps getting hurt as well. Mikey Vick is a little older now. He has all the capabilities to be great. But can’t afford to take those kinds of its anymore…So send him to Houston as we DO have a line. Nick Foles!!! WOW!! Congrats!! Your 2nd year you tie a Peyton Manning record. And its awesome your so humble about it. But how long can YOU take those hits until you get shell shocked? No but really, even in your record setting game you took some REAL HARD shots!! Youve had 4 games with Philly. 2 shared with Mikey and 2 on your own this year. The 2 on your own this year were great. 1 of them put you out a quarter of the season with a concussion again thanks to that amazing Eagle O line!!! Please PLEASE if your reading this!! At least stay around until Rodgers is back!! Then you guys can go into the 2014 draft and Pick some O lineman up and Trade Mikey to Houston!! I’m just saying

  3. Vick Hater - Nov 6, 2013 at 11:45 PM

    Marcus Vick is a typical black racist. It’s not my fault, I am white, he is black, stupid, a criminal, and doesn’t know who his father is.

    The only reason he has a twitter account is because Abraham Lincoln got drunk, freed the slaves, and couldn’t remember what the hell he did during a 3 day binge.

    Read this Marcus !!!

    One of these days me and my boyz are gonna get piss ass drunk…drive down to your slum ass town and hang your ass from a tree…and you can take that to the bank…err…In your case the next bank you rob…

    • dagoldenchild13 - Nov 7, 2013 at 12:25 AM

      I’m white too and you look just as ridiculous as him with your comments! Just because he’s a stupid racist bigot don’t mean you have to be, that is unless your a stupid bigot racist too and are using him as an excuse to come outta the closet with that stupid shit. Actually bigot I live in Texas and it was a black buffalo soldier that Davy Crockett sent to get general Sam Houston to come fuck up the Mexican army and take back the alamo, and that’s why there is a statue of him in San Antonio! But uneducated people like yourself wouldn’t be smart enough to know that. And if you actually became educated and went to college and took a Sociology class you would be smart enough to know that almost Every American has black AND white in them in geneology” and yes that means you and Marcuses bigot asses too”!!!! As well as you’d know tgat only 7% of black people in this country’s black people A. Came from Africa and B. Has actual slave blood. Hell I bet you aren’t evrn educated enough to know MichelleObama’s ancestors WERE actual slave owners. You can check I out for yourselfif I’m lying, that is if your intelligent enough to ise the internet to do so. Oh and to that black racist that posted earlier your no better than the white bigot you critize although your also a hypocrite. Lol Douce’ bags!!

  4. dagoldenchild13 - Nov 7, 2013 at 1:24 AM

    Obama816…which I vaguely addressed as I was too busy addressing your bigot black asses white bigot cousin vickhater…you are a hypocrite. No but really. Your a black racist hypocrite who criticizes white ppl for the same racist practices you utilize yourself. Your pathetic.Obama816..HA the sole reason you voted for the dude was because he was black cause it damn sure wasnt because of the issues. You probably couldn’t even tell me 1 issue during the campaign he stood on. As a matter of fact its hysterical how people like you criticized Bush for premptivly invading Iraq after 3200 ppl were killed during 9/11 but said absolutly nothing when Obama pre emptivly invaded Libya we we WERENT attacked. You blamed Bush for ppl CHOOSING to stay during Hurricane Katrina but said nothing when it took Obama 5 days to get help after a hurricane hit New York and ppl were freezing to death in the streets. You probably protested and said it was racism when George Zimmerman was aquitted for killing Trayvon Martin but said nothing when 6 months earlier in the EXACT SAME STATE Casey Anthony was aquitted for killing her daughter. Where the hell was the protests then. Or better yet when OJ Simpson (who was black) was aquitted for Murdering his white wife and they aquitted him. Where were all the fucking racial protests? When Kobe Bryant was aquitted for raping a hispanic girl with witnesses, where was the black activists then? They didn’t have a problem comming out the woodworks and speaking out to put 2pac in prison with no evidence though right? Hypocrite Hypocrite Hypocrite.
    Let me ask you a couple of questions
    1. Why are there all black colleges but if there not a certain number of black people in other schools its racist and against the law?
    2. Why is there BET but if there was WET it would be racist?
    3. Why is there a United Negro College fund but if there was a United Caucasion fund it would be racist?
    4. Why can a black comedians go up onstsge go up on stage and racially insult wjite ppl butof I white person does the same it thing he loses all his sponsors and can’t get booked…I’m just saying

  5. connorgreg - Dec 9, 2013 at 12:28 PM

    cant we just leave it as classless and move on?

    • Franchise - Dec 9, 2013 at 12:29 PM

      People are still commenting on this? Dear Lord


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