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Mike Vick Has Electricity Like Cyclops Has Electricity

Dec 8, 2011, 4:25 PM EDT

Mike Vick has a fantastic local new car commercial. It's electric.

Ahh, the tried and true local car commercial featuring a professional athlete. You really can’t beat those and this one from Mike Vick for a Las Vegas Toyota dealership is top notch.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland kills it, so we’ll just send you his way. The commercial starts out with Vick questioning the actual existence of electricity.

Even the most fervent members of the electricity-denial community
will have to admit that Vick’s explanation is crummy at best. “No one’s
seen it, but you know when it’s on.” Doesn’t saying ” … you know when
it’s on” imply that electricity actually exists? And hasn’t Vick ever
seen lightning before? Actually, research notes that a Virginia Tech game during Vick’s tenure at the school was postponed by a lightning storm, so there really is very little basis for Vick’s argument.

Maybe “electricity” is shorthand for “a great 2011 Philadelphia Eagles team.”

Electricity burns.

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