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Mike Vick says Nick Foles should remain the starter

Nov 22, 2013, 11:43 AM EDT


For whatever reason, Chip Kelly doesn’t seem to be a fan of naming a starting QB. All of his intimations are that Nick Foles will be his guy. Nick is winning games and taking great care of the ball. That’s what Chip values at the position.

So pretty much everybody agrees that Nick Foles should be the guy. And while Chip may not want to say it outright, Mike Vick didn’t have a problem saying it during his appearance on 94 WIP last night.

“In all honesty, in all fairness, how can you take a guy out of the game who’s been playing so well?” Vick said.

“I’ve been in this stage before, and I know what it’s like. I understand the position that this team is in, and the one thing I never want to do is be a distraction or put our team or our coaches in a position where they feel like they’re not doing the right thing or I feel like they’re not doing the right thing.

“I trust what’s going on, I enjoy being a part of it, I love the game of football in general. So it’s important to me to be there in support and be ready if my name and number is called again.”

Knock Mike all you want for his inability to stay healthy or maybe his poor decision making at times, but one thing I think he’s excelled at is being a great teammate.

Vick radio quotes transcribed by Reueben Frank who has more on Vick’s radio appearance here.

  1. docdeath20 - Nov 22, 2013 at 11:59 AM

    Vicks is smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds him. He gas his shot numerous times and can’t stay healthy change is great now we finally have a guy who sits in the pocket and involves all the players and runs when he needs too.

  2. Scott B - Nov 22, 2013 at 2:43 PM

    Foles leads an 80 yard drive with under two minutes to play, only to get hurt on the game winning pass in the NFC championship.

    He’s not able to play in the Super Bowl.

    #7, though rusty and only completely 50% of his passes still does better than Alex Smith and Vick wins the big one for the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia.

    He leads the Eagles parade (ala Burrell) down Broadstreet. Only Eagles don’t send him off, we resign him for five. more. years.

    You read it here first!

  3. Steve Dore - Nov 22, 2013 at 3:07 PM

    Mike Vick says anything that he thinks will help him get a contract with somebody next year.

    • Chutley - Nov 22, 2013 at 5:09 PM

      I hear ya Steve, but with all the diva stuff that can go on in the NFL plus all the player support a guy like Mike has around the league let’s give credit to where its due to a guy who has acted admirably in the public eye for a few years now.

    • duffman - Nov 22, 2013 at 6:42 PM

      while i agree, that doesn’t make it less classy.

  4. Hiccup - Nov 22, 2013 at 3:09 PM

    I commend Vick on his comments concerning the decision on who should be the starting q-back with graciousness and apparent sincerity.
    He is a true team player lest a little beat up. I vote for Nick but would love to see Vick in there from time to time just to be part of the action on the Feild. Hats off to Vick.

  5. Marcus Vick - Nov 22, 2013 at 3:15 PM

    Vick is being a great teammate……. i think he is being a great back up QB.

  6. Northeast Philly - Nov 22, 2013 at 4:37 PM

    Seriously, Enrico’s are the best posts. Keep it up.

    • Jon Taylor - Nov 22, 2013 at 5:41 PM

      Agreed. Kulps posts are nothing but nonsensical, over opinionated drivel. He spews his biases all over the screen and when something happens that goes against that, he whines like a toddler. Ajd when theyre confirmed, his pieces all week will be nothing but clucking amd cawing and telling all of us peasents how smart he is. I hate Andrew kulp.

      • duffman - Nov 22, 2013 at 6:55 PM

        enrico doesn’t do (serious) player or game analysis for the eagles, he pretty much covers fun shit. obviously his posts are more likable – they are all light- hearted. good on you, enrico, keep it up.

        kulp is one of the few people who cover the eagles who actually goes out of his way to do research, provide his insight into the team’s decisions and player analysis, and put out interesting pieces to read. people who hate on kulp for his writing are the same people who are livid when he calls a .500 team average because they disagree with him. by and large kulp calls it like it is, and puts good analysis on the site for us to read. kulp’s pieces tower over anything espn puts out. good on you, kulp, keep it up.

  7. psudrozz - Nov 25, 2013 at 10:16 AM

    know what? i actually enjoyed the bye weekend.


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