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New Eagles Commercial Featuring Philly Fans is Fantastic

Aug 25, 2011, 10:27 PM EDT

A new commercial from the Philadelphia Eagles featuring the fans who love them and the city they call home.

“Do we make this place or does it make us,” the commercial that first aired on Thursday night for Philadelphia’s football team starts out.

“It’s impossible to know. But here, every fan, every player, every Philadelphian has a story they hold close, and, then, pass on.”

“We are the Eagles. We are made in Philadelphia. Where the home crowd is just that: home. Where it’s not just about being tough, or living up to a reputation, or the rivalries. It’s about us, as one.”

Proof again, that Philly fans love being told just how awesome we are.

“We are four generations strong,” It continues, reminding us of our days watching the Eagles with our own fathers and their fathers.

“We are what’s possible. We are all the heart of the city. And the city is the heart of us.”

Ahh. When does the regular season start?