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Nick Foles Is Starting This Week… for My Fantasy Team

Nov 16, 2012, 11:06 AM EDT

Mike Vick has disappointed both Eagles fans and his fantasy owners this season. I am in both of those groups.

Now, I know you don’t care about my fantasy team — I don’t even care about my fantasy team all that much — but Nick Foles is the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and thus worth a look here.

There are two reasons I’m going with Nick Foles on Sunday.

1.) He’s going up against the Redskins who have the 30th ranked passing defense

2.) My other option is Jay Cutler going up against the San Francisco 49ers who have a much better pass defense

So, basically, it gives an Eagles fan another extra thing to root for on Sunday. Am I expecting huge numbers? No. But it sure beats hoping Jay Cutler lights it up under the pressure of a Monday Night Football game.