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Philadelphia Eagles Team Up with ‘Angry Birds’ Video Game Maker

Jun 13, 2012, 1:26 PM EDT

The Eagles organization is teaming up with the video game makers of Angry Birds.

I’m assuming I’m in the minority here, but I’ve never actually played the “Angry Birds” video game that is/was so damn popular. So the Eagles organization’s new partnership with Rovio, the makers of “Angry Birds” seems a bit odd to me.

Check out cartoon Andy Reid clearing his throat:

The Wall Street Journal reports:

On Monday, Rovio and the Philadelphia Eagles are announcing a
partnership that will include an Eagles-centric Angry Birds game to be
launched in the fall and a marketing push that will include everything
from social media initiatives to integration on local team television
shows and even in-stadium displays.

In-stadium displays you say?

For instance, according to the team, if defensive lineman Trent Cole
sacks New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, the stadium’s video board
will dump the traditional sack animation for a new one–an animation in
which Angry Birds character “Big Brother Bird” Terence knocks Manning

Sweet! Nothing gets you pumped for a bone-jarring sack by a 300 pound football player like some cute animated birdies.

That should really hit home for the under-13 crowd at most Eagles games at the Linc. Instead of taking your kid to Sesame Place, you may be better off forking over cash for some Birds’ tickets in the upper level. It’s a family friendly atmosphere, now with Angry Birds to go along with angry Birds fans.

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video via CBS