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PHOTO: Brian Dawkins as Wolverine…with Adamantium Claws

Sep 28, 2012, 2:32 PM EDT

Weapon X is now getting the official X-Men treatment thanks to the fine people at Marvel Comics.

The above poster, created by Marvel artist Jorge Molina, will be distributed to Eagles fans as they enter the stadium prior to Sunday night’s Eagles-Giants game and the ceremony to retire Brian Dawkins’ No. 20.

From the team’s release:

“Every week, Eagles fans witnessed Brian transform himself from a humble, mild-mannered man to the fearless competitor that he was on Sundays,” said Eagles President Don Smolenski. “He was a special player – ferocious, intense, fearless, intelligent – and on top of that, he was an incredible leader.”

Not bad from the Eagles pres, but comic book people just seem to have that flare for the dramatic:

“One is the ferocious leader of the legendary X-Men and world-famous star of comic books, cartoons, video games and movies…the other is a nine-time Pro Bowl selection, a six-time All-Pro and a member of the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team…both are the best they are at what they do.” said Bill Rosemann, Editor, Marvel Custom Solutions. “A peaceful family man while off the field, once he donned his #20 jersey, Brian Dawkins — inspired by and embodying the best traits of the tenacious and unstoppable Wolverine — was one of the most intense, hard-hitting, resilient and respected players in the history of the game.”


No offense to Hugh Jackman — who’s clearly putting in the necessary work for the role as evidenced here — but really, tell me honestly that you wouldn’t want Dawk starring in The Wolverine. You can’t.

Dawkins will be on DNL at 5 p.m., showing off his new poster and sitting down for an interview. In the meantime…


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