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Place Your Bets! Eagles at Redskins Betting Lines: Who Will Throw for More? Vick or RG3?

Sep 9, 2013, 4:03 PM EDT

source:  As if you weren’t stoked enough for tonight’s season opener down in Washington, throwing a little Monopoly money around on tonight’s game can make things even more interesting. We did not find an over/under on Mike Vick turnovers in the first quarter but will set that at 0.5 an take your fake bets in the comments.

What do you like?

Here are some of the more interesting betting lines for this evenings Eagles at Redskins game courtesy of

Mike Vick props:

Total passing yards    270.5 (-125)o     (-105)u

Total TD Passes     1.5 (-150)o      (+120)u

Total Interceptions     .5 (-200)o      (+160)u

Total Rushing Yards     40.5 (-135)o      (+105)u

source:  LeSean McCoy props:

Total Rushing Yards    80.5   (-135)o    (+105)u

Total Receiving Yards     35.5 (-125)o    (-105)u

Total Receptions    4 (-140)o      (+110)u

Will LeSean McCoy (PHI) score a TD in the game?      Yes (-155)    No (+125)

Other random props:

Total Receiving Yards – DeSean Jackson (PHI)  75.5   (-120)o (-110)u

Total Receiving Yards – Riley Cooper (PHI)   37.5  (-115)o    (-115)u

Total Tackles & Assists – Kurt Coleman (PHI)   6.5   (-115)o   (-115)u

Total Passing Yards – Robert Griffin III (WAS)      240.5    (-120)o    (-110)u

Total TD Passes – Robert Griffin III (WAS)   1.5     (-155)o   (+125)u

Total Interceptions – Robert Griffin III   .5      (-135)o    (+105)u

Total Rushing Yards – Robert Griffin III   40.5    (-135)o   (+105)u

Total Rushing Yards – Alfred Morris (WAS)    94.5   (-125)o   (-105)u

Who will have more Passing Yards in the game? Vick -25½ (-105)      RG3 +25½ (-125)