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Quotestart: Amaro on Howard Contract, Dom Brown; Homer on Goalies; Celek’s Birthday Ends Badly

Jan 26, 2012, 9:59 AM EDT

A look at some of the stories you'll be talking about today in the Philly sports world.

The morning’s news in key quotations…

Amaro Jr. on Ryan Howard’s contract
in the context of those signed by
Albert Pujols (10 yrs, $240 mil) and Prince Fielder (9 yrs, $2145 mil)
this off-season: “I’m kind of happy,” he said. “Really happy. Because if
I would have had to put an 8- or 9-year deal on Howard’s deal right
now, that would be a little disconcerting. Right now, we have Howard for
the next 5 years. I kind of like that idea rather than having to do an
8- or 9- or 10-year deal.

“You can say what you want about Ryan Howard and how he stacks up
against those guys, but there’s not too many people who, over the last
several years, have had this kind of production – and he’s right there
in the mix with those guys.” [Rich Hofmann]

on Brent Celek’s being a passenger in a car involved in a DUI accident
“Get a cab, Celek.” Not the best end to Brent’s birthday, but could
have been worse. [CBS Sports]

Doug Collins on the Sixers’s loss to New Jersey: “The key to the
game was they got us playing their pace,” Collins said. “They outplayed
us in every phase. I thought we had a couple opportunities to make
things happen, but then we make a bad play. “They had control of the
whole game.” [John Finger]

Amaro on Dom Brown: “He could surprise all of us and come with guns
a-blazing and win a job at the major league level this year out of
spring training,” Amaro said. “Right now, I believe it’s Mayberry’s job
to kind of lose, but at the same time, we’ll keep our minds and eyes
open and see what happens with Dom this spring and see how he handles
being in leftfield and making that adjustment. [Rich Hofmann again]

Paul Holmgren on his goaltending: “I don’t feel any different than I
have the last number of years,” Holmgren said of his goaltending while
avoiding a direct answer. “If you get into the playoffs, anything can
happen. That is what we’re focused on now – just trying to get into the
playoffs.” [Panotch in a good look at where the Flyers see themselves
right now. Most of it is more encouraging than that quote

Mike Mayock on one of many defensive linemen discussed in Jeff
McLane’s piece on options the Eagles might consider at this year’s
draft. “I like [Marshall's] Vinny Curry. He plays with a great motor,
great leverage. He gets up the field. He’s quick. I think he’s probably a
second-round pick.” [Inquirer by way of]

Get Ya on Yer Way
Wilco on Conan the other night…

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