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Randall Cunningham II Might Turn Out Better Than the Original

Sep 19, 2013, 3:01 PM EDT


A few months back, the National Football Post had a little story about a high school quarterback from Las Vegas named Randall Cunningham II – your eyes do not deceive you, Randall has offspring. We picked it up, and the RC2 sensation began sweeping Philly.

Cunningham II is still in high school, but he’s already in the process of being elevated to national star. Michael Rosenberg has a great story today on The MMQB about how the elder Cunningham was probably 20 to 30 years ahead of his time, considering that zone-read systems such as Chip Kelly’s are all the craze in the NFL. It’s a fantastic reflection on what an amazing athlete AND quarterback he truly was, so you’ll no doubt enjoy the nostalgia factor alone.

But toward the end Rosenberg delves into Son of QB Eagles, who appears to be coming around at exactly the right time for having such a similar skill set to his father – not to mention Michael Vicks, Colin Kapernicks, and Russell Wilsons of the world. The scary thing though: RC2 could be better than RC1.

Better? How? [Hall of Famer Dan] Fouts says of the elder Cunningham: “As a runner, he reminds me a little bit of Kaepernick.” Quick says of the league’s young quarterbacks: “He could do more than most of these guys. I would compare him to the guy in San Francisco, but physically, he had more than that kid. And I think Kaepernick is extremely gifted. Randall could shake people, and if you tried to go low on him he would jump over people. He was like the plastic man the way he would keep his balance.”

It is hard for any quarterback to be better than Cunningham was. Yet he points out his son is taller and faster than he was in high school. Randall II’s best high jump in competition of 7 feet, 3 1/4 inches was the highest jump in the country last year, according to track site Randall II does not throw quite as hard as his father did yet, but he understands the game better, because he has a pretty good teacher.

“His knowledge of the game is beyond what people realize,” Randall Sr. says. “He understands pass protections in the NFL because I taught him all that. Schemes, down and distance … I didn’t understand any of that. I learned it in the college and the pros.

Randall II has another advantage: He was born at the right time. He says Bishop Gorman has run the read-option on roughly a quarter of its plays this year. He also says, “I feel like I’m able to drop back and pass, and if I need to, I can continue the play if I have to.” When Baylor offered him a scholarship to play RG3’s position there, the coaches started calling him RC2.

At the end, Randall Jr. even gives his endorsement of Chip’s offense. Swoon.

Obviously we’re a few years away from seeing RC2 in the NFL, and if/when he makes it, there’s only a 1/32 shot he’s drafted by Philadelphia. It’s fun to think about, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be a fan of the kid almost regardless of where he winds up playing. Also though, the MMQB piece is largely about Randall Sr., so even if the sequel never dons the No. 12 in midnight green, we can still reminisce on the good times we had with the original.

>> Today’s Perfect Quarterback Played a Quarter-Century Ago [MMQB]

  1. Mostel - Sep 19, 2013 at 5:41 PM

    No shame if he can’t throw it as far as his old man. #12, with the possible exception of Vinny Testaverde, had the greatest arm in the history of the NFL.

    • AHW - Oct 22, 2013 at 1:52 AM

      Any son of Randall C is welcome to the Eagles any day. I’m wearing my vintage RC sweatshirt until it literally comes off me in tatters. All the best to RC II.

  2. Von9 - Sep 20, 2013 at 2:27 AM

    If we get Randall Jr. does that mean that we need Rex (Buddy Jr) Ryan to coach him? He just might be available.

  3. ad - Sep 20, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    Let’s just focus on getting Mariota this draft –PLEASE GOD HELP US!!

  4. pope - Oct 15, 2013 at 2:16 PM

    Well if he comes to Philly…day 1 they will be saying he cant read a defense…

  5. genepool - Oct 31, 2013 at 12:39 PM

    I see what you did there….great reference to Tecmo Super Bowl.

  6. Gerald - Dec 1, 2013 at 10:23 PM

    If anyone would care to think and analyze the play calling by Olsen for both Terrelle Pryor and Matt mcgloin. one would realize that the plays being called are not that of the Quarterback, but the Offensive Coordinator, and therefore, the success or failure of the game are directly related to the plays that are called. In he case of Terrel, Olsen called useless play that sent mcfadded and Jennings running directly into the middle of the line time after time, and got the same result; no first down, and 3 and out. Also to be consider is the fact that Terrell was only given a few past play, and for some reason the receivers would not go up after the balls, or could not hold onto the ball, or would not fight for the ball. however in mcgloin situation, olsen only ran the ball a few times and threw as least 85% of the time, and the receivers most of the time caught the ball, and held on to it, and other times the receivers faught for the balls. Now, the Question is,’did coach Dennis Allen instruct the receivers not to catch the ball, and not to hold on to the balls, and not fight for the ball, and to offensive coordinator olsen not to give Terrell good running play deliberately so that Terrell would look like a failure, and one lacking ability to be an NFl Quarter Bacl. with the eveidence showing that in fact that is what dennis allen did with the complicity of(weak girl) greg olsen for the purpose so that mark(Gayboy) davis), reggie (girl) Mckense, and (her highness) dennis allen could destroy the career of Terrelle Pryor. Ask yourself, did not huge Jackson say that Terrelle Pryor could really throw; and was not Terrrele Pryor while at ohio state university the MVP of both the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl, and did not chip Kelly say of Terrelle Pryor’s performance at the Sugar Bowl against his Oregon ducks, that Terrell pryor can really throw the ball. Now, ask yourself, did not reggie girl and her highness dennis allen try to get freeman a few weeks ago, and did not her highness dennis allen would not let terrelle dress for the games and made him sit on the bench. one of the questions that should be asked, why didn’t they trade Terrelle to another team, or just release him; and why did the raiders refuse to trade terrele to the Eagles when Chip Kelly sought a trade for him to the Eagles. it is clear that gayboy mark davis; reggie Girl; and her highness dennis allen, and her weakness greg olsen should be fired ASAP! Release Pryor, and let other teams that are not run by gayboys, and really want him and to develope him into their franchise Quarterback. Here is a list to nfl teams that would be interested in his franchise services Cleveland Brown; Phili Eagels; Tampa Bay; Bears; Vikings; Giants;jaguars; Miami; Greenbay; titans. In any event FIRED gayboy McKenzie, her highness dennis allen, her weaknes greg olsen,and remove the franchise from gayboy mark allen, and get rid of this homosexual commish goodal. Chip Kelly should have his sites of Trading Terrelle Pryor to the Raiders for Michael Vick, and making Terrelle Pryor his, the Eagles Franchise Quarterback; Chip Kelly, Take a Real Hint, because Terrell Pryor can and will be Great not only for the NFL, but, Revenues to the city he plays in, and that state’s revenues, because oh so many will/want to come and see one of their own. As so far as mcgloin is concerned, dennis allen knows that he is just a womder for the moment, and not the franchise quarterback for the raiders. Without a Doubt, reggie mckenze, dennis allen, greg olsan, should be fired and replaced; but, the nfl should remove the the franchise mark davis, and also goodal should be fired for his destructive attitude against Terrelle Pryor. goodal should not be allow to retire, he should be disgrace and removed for his position. goodal is the main culprit in behind Terrele Pryor’s inability to be successful and move forward as a great Quarterback in the NFL…..goodal is A True Disgrace to Mankind.


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