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Reid Wants to Coach Next Year

Dec 14, 2012, 3:21 AM EDT

Don’t worry, gang. That’s Andy Reid saying he wants to coach next year… somewhere.

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports managed to track down the
Eagles’ head coach of 14 seasons somewhere in the outgoing bin on Jeffrey Lurie’s
antique desk this week. Asked point blank whether he might take a year off if –
excuse me, when – his time in Philly expires, Reid indicated there are no such

“Listen, I’m a coach. I don’t hide that from anybody. This
is what I do. And I enjoy doing it. I love every day of it. I sure like winning
more than losing, but I also am very privileged to be a coach in the National
Football League.”

I suppose the good news is that all those folks suggesting
Reid could move into a position in the front office were way off base. He doesn’t
sound the least bit interested in any option that removes him from the sidelines.

Andy will undoubtedly be employed next year, most likely hold
a head job even. After another sickening loss on in front of a half-empty
Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday night, we can only guarantee he will not be

>> Andy Reid still has the fire to coach [Yahoo!]