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Report: Garrett Reid Had Steroids In His Room at Time of Death UPDATED

Dec 17, 2012, 1:01 PM EDT

Police found vials of what they called an unknown substance in the Lehigh dorm room of Garrett Reid when he died of a heroin overdose earlier this year. The Express-Times, a local paper in the Lehigh Valley, quotes a source saying that it has now been determined that at least some of the vials contained steroids.

Tom Shertell reporting for the Express-Times:

During the initial investigation, police quickly eliminated the vials as a cause of death, but Morganelli said last month he sent five samples for testing as he began tying up the loose ends of the case after formally announcing Oct. 18 that Reid died of a heroin overdose.

Authorities have identified the substances in some of the vials as steroids, sources said.

The District Attorney has not commented on the contents of the vials.

While the news of a person who died of a heroin overdose also having other substances in their possession isn’t surprising, it’s worth remembering that Garrett was working as a strength and conditioning trainer for the Eagles.

Update: We had previously written that Reid had been “working as a strength and conditioning trainer for the Eagles.” It is not clear that he was in an official role with the team. He may have just been helping out with the strength and conditioning staff at training camp.

UPDATE2: The DA spoke this afternoon and confirmed that steroids were present. The Daily News’ Jason Nark has the details.

The vials included several types of steroids, including testosterone and
other strong chemicals used by bodybuilders, Morganelli said, adding
that authorities have been unable to find the source of the steroids or
the heroin that killed Reid.

>>Garrett Reid had steroids with him when he died of heroin overdose, sources say [Express-Times]