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The First Eagles Cheerleader Photo Gallery of the Season

Aug 31, 2012, 2:12 AM EDT

The Eagles finished up their preseason schedule on Thursday night by defeating the New York Jets to finish up 4-0 in games that don’t really mean anything at all. The good news is they didn’t suffer any serious injuries in the contest and the biggest takeaway seems to be that Trent Edwards deserves a spot on the Eagles roster.

That said, many people opted not to tune in to the meaningless preseason game at the Linc, but that doesn’t meant the Eagles Cheerleaders weren’t out there ra-ra’ing and kicking away like they were in mid-season form.

We’ve got our first photo gallery of the Eagles Cheerleaders of 2012 right here.

[PHOTO GALLERY: Eagles Cheerleaders at the Linc vs. the Jets]