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Two Random Thoughts on Andy Reid Continuing to Coach the Eagles

Nov 27, 2012, 1:47 PM EDT

Another day, another round of speculation on when Andy Reid
will be fired, why Andy Reid should be fired. Patience, my friends. Andy’s time
will soon come, but the reality is he is still the man for the job.

Seriously, hear me out on this.

1. The Eagles are a freight train. Nothing can stop their
losing now. And frankly, I’m totally okay with that.

Obviously I wasn’t on board with a 3-13 finish when the
season started, or even two months ago. Now I’m strangely comfortable with the
idea for one simple reason: the Eagles have a very real shot at landing the second-
or third-overall pick in the 2013 Draft. You can’t even entirely discount the
possibility of number one, only I just can’t see the Kansas City Chiefs winning another
game, either.

To be fair, Jeffrey Lurie could probably fire Reid five
minutes from now, and the Eagles wouldn’t be any more likely to win another
game this season. It’s almost funny to use that word – “win” – in association
with the team at this point. Then again, if I’m in charge, I don’t want to do
anything that has the potential to disrupt this momentum.

Andy has the Eagles on track toward exactly where we want
them to go, which is straight to the bottom of the pile. That top draft choice is a lot
more important than evaluating anybody on the current roster, and that includes
Nick Foles – not that you even could behind their offensive line.

2. A few months back, I mentioned Reid deserves to finish
out the season. After everything he’s done for this franchise – six division
championships, five conference title games, a three-point loss in the Super
Bowl – he shouldn’t be treated like some Jerry Williams. Contrary to that, others
believe Reid should be let go for his own sake, if nothing else.

To hell with all of that. This is Reid’s mess, and what he actually
deserves is to coach this team to the bitter end, or at least until this hectic four-games-in-18-days stretch is complete.

I don’t dislike Andy, and I feel he’s been dealt a bad hand
with all the injuries up front this year, first and foremost to Jason Peters. The left tackle’s
absence had a trickle-down effect across the offensive line from the very
beginning, and once they started stacking up, this team had no chance.

But that’s only one aspect of what’s gone wrong here. It’s a
major aspect, but still only one.

Reid was the architect of this team. He chose the coaching
staff. He hand-picked the players. He designs the game plan every week. The
Eagles are 3-8 in large part due to decisions made by the head coach. Why
should somebody like Marty Mornhinweg or Todd Bowles be forced to clean up after