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Video: Cullen Jenkins Taunted RGIII Because He Thought Flag On 61-Yard Redskins Touchdown Was On Washington (It Wasn’t)

Nov 19, 2012, 2:17 AM EDT

As if the earlier play when a Redskins wide receiver may have been the most open guy ever en route to a 49yard touchdown wasn’t embarrassing enough, Eagles defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins may have topped that in terms of feeling like an idiot.

You can watch the play in question here. Robert Griffin III heaved up a prayer contested by two Eagles defenders, who were actually positioned pretty well, and Santana Moss. The Redskin obviously came down with the ball and he found a way to fight into the end zone.

If ever there were an opportune time to use “smh,” that was it.

But then the telecast showed that there was a flag on the play and maybe this one was coming back.

Cullen Jenkins thought the same thing. After Jenkins saw the flag, he apparently did a mocking of RGIII’s celebration because he thought the Redskins touchdown was going to be negated by a holding call or something similar.

Alas, the call was on the Eagles and of course the Redskins decline the penalty and keep the six points.

RGIII and Jenkins then had some friendly banter and the Eagle felt “like an idiot.” Watch the pair talk about the moment above.

So, just let this serve as a reminder to all of you athletes out there: don’t taunt the opposing team when you’re losing, after they score a 61-yard touchdown, or just generally when your team hasn’t won a game in a couple of months.