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Video: Ray Didinger Remains Skeptical About Chip Kelly in the NFL

Jan 16, 2013, 7:08 PM EDT

Ray Didinger is an authority on all things Eagles. He wrote the Encyclopedia after all. But what does he think of Chip Kelly, the successful college guy with zero NFL experience coming to the League to coach your favorite football team. Diddy says he’s been skeptical all along and remains that way.

“I was always very skeptical of Chip Kelly. I was always very skeptical of the whole Chip Kelly experience coming and succeeding in the NFL. I still am. I just don’t know,” Diddy said on Daily News Live on Wednesday evening.

“I don’t think you can take what he does at Oregon and transpose it here and immediately have success with it. I think what people have said, ‘He’s going to need to adapt, he’s going to have to change,’ is true. I think he will. A lot of things, not just the way you play the game, but the way you practice, the pace at which he practices.”

“You don’t have as many players in the NFL. You have older players in the NFL and I don’t know that they can sustain that from the beginning of a training camp to the end of the season. I think they’re just going to wear people out.

“In ways he’s going to have to change, some of it is Xs and Os, and some of it’s philosophical.”

“Everybody I’ve talked to about him said he’s very smart. I just think that anybody that thinks you’re going to take the Oregon offense and take it to South Philadelphia and it’s going to become the Eagles offense, no, no, no, I don’t think that can work.”

Didinger obviously doesn’t say Kelly can’t be successful in the NFL, just that he’s skeptical. As Eagles fans, we’re all hoping Diddy’s wrong on this one. He’s certainly not the first to air his skepticism.