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What’d Mike Vick Text Andy Reid When He Heard About Nnamdi?

Aug 1, 2011, 12:09 PM EDT

The whole tale of how the Eagles landed prized free agent corner Nnamdi Asomugha is a fantastic one, and Mike Vick's text to Andy Reid upon hearing about it is just as awesome.

Everything about the Nnamdi Asomugha signing by the Eagles has been thrilling for Birds fans. From the initial shock on Friday that Andy Reid, Joe Banner, and Howie Roseman were pulling off the out-of-nowhere signing of the prized free agent, to Nnamdi’s amazing press conference over the weekend — Matt wrote about that here, noting it was perhaps the best Eagles presser ever — it all has Eagles fans riding high.

To add just a little bit more intrigue to the whole situation, Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger tells the tale of how the Eagles brass and Asomugha’s agent succeeded in keeping the potential deal out of the public eye.

The Eagles brass has to remind you of Ruben Amaro Jr. and his lieutenants when they pulled of the shocker for Cliff Lee last fall. Heck, even Charlie Manuel didn’t know that one was coming.

According to Orr’s story, only five people in the Eagles organization knew about the deal before it went down. Reid, Lurie, Banner, Roseman, and a woman who helps out with contracts.

I find that to be somewhat amazing. I guess Juan Castillo is too green in his new role to be consulted on these sorts of things, eh?

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Mike Vick was just about as shocked as the rest of us, and didn’t believe the initial text from his brother telling him about the Nnamdi deal. But once he finally realized it was official, he shot off a text of his own to Andy Reid.

“You guys at it again. You crazy.”

The Eagles may have stolen the title of Offseason Champions from the Washington Redskins this summer, but let’s hope those moves can help them steal the real meaningful title from that team from Green Bay come February.

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