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Your Scornful Andy Reid Tweet or Pretty Instagram Photo Should Now Go Through at Eagles Games

Jun 22, 2012, 10:08 AM EDT

The Eagles are beefing up cell service in and around the Linc by adding a new antennae system.

While we asked you earlier in the week what major renovations you’d like to see with the reported $60-$100 million in funds the Eagles may put into improvements to Lincoln Financial Field, the team is already working on a much smaller project that will probably have more of an impact on the average fan.

Tim McManus, blogging for Philadelphia Magazine, writes that the cell service in and around the Linc should be a whole lot better this coming season:

The Eagles believe there will be “measurable improvement” thanks to a
brand-new antennae system. That’s actually a pretty big deal. The NFL
knows how much fantasy feeds their beast, and that fans may choose the
sectional over a cold slab of plastic if they can’t be plugged into the
rest of the league’s happenings.

Now, the Eagles also tend to believe they’re a Super Bowl-caliber team every year, so we’ll believe the cell improvements when our tweets actually go through. But still, this is great news. I often wonder why more teams and venues don’t ensure their cell or free wireless service is beefed up for big events. The more photos tweeted/Instagram’d/Facebooked out to the rest of the world means that much more publicity for whatever product you’re hocking.

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