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‘Alcohol and costume fueled mud run on a bicycle’ in Philly this weekend sounds pretty cool

Dec 6, 2013, 4:27 PM EDT


Photo by Go Means Go

The annual Manayunk Bike Race is fun for spectators and all, but this weekend there’s a bike race in Philadelphia that seems just a little more interesting for all involved.

The Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships goes down this Sunday at Belmont Plateau but there are other events associated with the championship going on throughout the weekend in Philly. You can check out the full schedule here.

One of my good friends Charlie is involved and I asked him how I’d explain what this event is exactly to someone who had no idea.

“An alcohol and costume fueled mud run on a bicycle,” he said.

One of the races on Saturday goes through a junkyard. And yes, some of the people will be wearing costumes but some of those racers are also Olympic athletes.

Defending champion Adam Craig is a former Olympian who is set to compete this weekend. I’m told the women’s field is wide open.

Sounds pretty out there.

We’ll leave you with this from the race’s FAQ:

What happens if I win?
You get the golden speedo (or bikini), and a free tattoo. Don’t want a tattoo? Don’t win. Focus on winning the day instead.

Are costumes mandatory?
You can dress up like a bike racer if you want. But you’ll be having less fun. And fun is the name of this game.