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Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa Respects the Phils’ Effort

Sep 29, 2011, 10:53 AM EDT

Tony La Russa reacts to the Phillies giving it their all at the end, helping St. Louis by knocking Atlanta out of the post-season in an otherwise meaningless series.

They probably won’t send the Phillies any thank-you notes, but the St. Louis Cardinals are appreciative all the same.

With their sweep of Atlanta, the Phillies left the post-season door unlocked for Tony La Russa’s club, and that team wasn’t afraid to test the handle. Afterwards, the Cards’ manager reflected on Charlie Manuel’s decision to play for wins, when he easily could have closed shop and rested some key players.

“They did what they said. They played hard. They played to win
the entire time,” noted La Russa, who came close to emotion while
witnessing his team celebrate its remarkable comeback. “And I have
tremendous respect for how they handled it.”

“I’ve been a big fan,” La Russa said. “Whenever I think about
the National League I’m going to think about the Phillies. What
they put into that series — the integrity, the competition, the
manager, the coaches and the players — that is Major League
Baseball at its best. I will never forget that. I hope nobody else

Congratulations, Tony. Your prize: the best team in baseball.

>> La Russa toasts the Phillies [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

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