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Did Lil Wayne Wear a Phillies Hat at the Grammys?

Feb 13, 2012, 12:48 AM EDT

Rapper Lil Wayne is a known sports junkie but did he rock a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap at the Grammys last night? We investigate.

The baseball cap that rapper Lil Wayne wore during his performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night appeared to be a Philadelphia Phillies hat.

A couple of people on Twitter either questioned whether he was indeed wearing a Phillies hat or simply believed it to be fact.

We went to the tape, rewinding the segment of the awards show where Wayne rapped alongside Chris Brown and DJ-something-or other, to see if it was indeed a Phillies ‘P’ on his lid. The television footage proved to be inconclusive. It could have been a Phils’ cap — he has rocked an Eagles cap in the past — but we still weren’t sure. It certainly had some resemblance to one.

Thankfully, posted the photo you see to your right of Wayne wearing the very hat in question at last night’s show.

And no, it is not a Phillies hat. It is a hat by a “lifestyle brand” called Trukfit (website here) started by Wayne specializing in skateboard gear and attire.

I guess he doesn’t want to play for the Eagles next season.

We’d now like our wasted 30 minutes of life spent investigating this mistaken case of “Someone Famous Wore Philly Gear Once” back.

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