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How Chocolate Thunder Got His Nickname

Aug 4, 2011, 2:51 PM EDT

Darryl Dawkins had a plethora of nicknames, but his best one, "Chocolate Thunder," came from another legend. This time in the music world.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Sixers legend Darryl Dawkins back in January of 2009 to chat about NBA nicknames, the game’s best dunkers, etc.

But I was not wise enough to ask him about the origins of his “Chocolate Thunder” nickname. Thankfully, the hoops junkies at Dime Magazine know what they’re doing.

Dime: How did the nickname Chocolate Thunder originate?

Stevie Wonder used to come the ball games and they would have a guy
sitting with him. And the guy would be holding on to his arm, telling
him what’s going on, and he would say, “Hey, the big chocolate guy just
put down a thunder dunk. The chocolate guy with another monster dunk.”
And Stevie Wonder actually gave me the nickname Chocolate Thunder. So a
guy who never saw me can give me that name. I think I can wear that
well. I don’t even know if he remembers, it’s been so long, but I’ll
keep that.

A truly amazing anecdote about one of the greatest nicknames ever.

Hat tip to TBJ.

>>Darryl Dawkins reveals the origin of his nickname and recalls his first dunk [DIME]

You can read our interview with Dawk from a couple of years ago here. It included the below video: