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Philadelphia 76ers Hire Former MSG Exec Scott O’Neil to Replace Adam Aron

Jul 8, 2013, 11:05 AM EDT

Joshua Harris,  Adam Aron AP

Adam Aron is out as CEO of the Philadelphia 76ers. It just took a little longer to make it all official and stuff, but the demise is real this time.

Aron will be replaced by former MSG President Scott O’Neil. No word on whether O’Neil is a fan of Twitter, moose, or t-shirt cannons.

Both Aron and O’Neil spoke to the Associated Press on Monday morning to confirm the changes. Aron said he has increased his ownership stake in the team and could have stayed on as CEO but wanted to make the change. Uh huh. O’Neil mentioned former Sixers exec Pat Croce as an inspiration.

The full story here.