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Sixers Grant Fans’ Wish, Bringing Back That Awesome Song

Jan 26, 2012, 1:48 PM EDT

Sixers CEO Adam Aron made a lot of Sixers fans happy today...

For years, we and countless others have been airing various ideas to improve the Sixers marketability, and many carried the same theme—embrace the best of their past.

Some wanted to simplify the team’s uniforms, keeping the original colors and getting rid of gimmicky elements. Some wanted Big Shot back. Others (basically anyone who’s heard it) wanted a return to the old Sixers warm-up song that counts up and down to the team name. You know the one. 

Well, today on Lunch Break with Rhea Hughes, Sixers CEO Adam Aron announced that after some long months of trying to get the rights to the song, the team has succeeded, and it will be part of the experience again.  [Video below]

A minor thing? Sure. But certainly something we wanted, and another sign that the ownership is trying its damnedest to return the team to prominence on and off the court.