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The Greatest Video Montage of a Phillies Player Fan Group Ever Made

Jul 11, 2011, 8:18 PM EDT

Ahh, the balmy days of Veterans Stadium are captured perfectly by this video of Millwood's Militia.

Ahh, to yearn for yesteryear when player fan groups were edgy, sat up in the 700 level of Veterans Stadium, and featured military garb with guys pulling off WWF-like antics. That was the heyday of Phillies fan groups, and it is captured perfectly in this video montage about Millwood’s Militia.

As lore would have it, the fan group for Kevin Millwood was one of the earliest organized groups at the Vet, right up there with Randy’s Wolf Pack.

The following video features the sultry sounds of Bruce Springsteen and Harry Kalas to go along with the rowdy antics of a group of guys who were true originals. And likely lunatics.

Miss you, Harry. And long live the Vet. [video below]