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Video: Doug Collins wants a ‘Lavoy Allen Day’ Where He Can Not Give a St about Anything

May 19, 2012, 12:57 AM EDT

Sixers coach Doug Collins discusses Lavoy Allen's Game 4 performances and the center's capacity to just not give a ...

Sixers coach Doug Collins has previously made reference to Lavoy Allen’s general attitude and outlook, and how, if possible, he would like to enjoy “just one Lavoy Allen day.”

Well, in case you were curious, following his team’s Game 4 win, in which Allen scored eight points, grabbed 10 boards, and frustrated the hell out of 14-time All-Star Kevin Garnett, Collins provided details as to what would go into such a day.

The slow-but-sure-developing “Holy crap, Pop Pop just cursed!” looks on his grandkids’ faces are priceless: