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We Are So Disappointed in You, the Reader

Jun 5, 2012, 1:54 PM EDT

Carlos Ruiz is in fourth place in All-Star voting, and you are the person to blame!

We don’t ask a lot of you. Visit us daily, leave the occasional comment, maybe accidentally click on an ad once in awhile, and we’re usually happy — but where in the world were you when Chooch needed you?

A fan favorite in the midst of a career year, among the Major League leaders at catcher in most offensive statistics in fact, Carlos Ruiz did not get off to the start in the All-Star balloting we expected. The first update on the voting results are in, and no, Ruiz is not currently in the lead, nor the the runner-up, not even in third place. He’s fourth, and that’s among NL catchers only obviously.

We get that the numbers will find Ruiz in the game regardless of fan voting, but it’s not right, dammit. Chooch should start this thing, and he’s a half-million behind the Cardinals’ Yadier Molina. That means one or two of you haven’t been voting.

Now we asked you to get on this a month ago. Let’s get serious this time. Vote for Carlos Ruiz, or we’re sending him to your house. With a bat. No, he’s not going to autograph the bat for you — it’s for use on all your worldly possessions.

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