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Welcome to Doctober

Sep 30, 2011, 9:04 PM EDT

Roy Halladay pitches for the Phillies tonight in the NLDS.
If Roy Halladay was hungry for a ring in 2010, he’s got to be starving now.

Some highlights from Roy talking on Friday about his Phillies and the 2011 NLDS against the Cardinals:

“I think I learned last year, being in [the playoffs] is the best part of it. Being able to play these games is what makes it all worthwhile. To get to this point, I’m excited. We obviously want to go all the way to the end.”

“We have a lot of trust in each other. We feel like we have a good team. We feel like we have all the parts we need to go all the way. To a man in that clubhouse, there’s not a guy who would tell you he would not be disappointed if we didn’t win it all.”

“You come out and play 162 games and you get to this point, this is the fun part. I think we’re looking forward to it. Obviously the ultimate goal is to give ourselves a chance to win a World Series.”

It’s only gonna get funner.

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