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Ads On New York City Train Take Jabs at Philadelphia, Flyers

Mar 30, 2012, 10:48 AM EDT

A New York radio station has taken out ads jabbing the Philadelphia Flyers.
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Those damn New Yorkers are at it again, always obsessed with the city of Philadelphia. They’re so obsessed with us that they’ve resorted to taking jabs at our city to help promote some radio show featuring BoomerEsiason. Level reader Jen C. reports:

Have you seen the ad campaign for Boomer &
Carton talk radio on the NYC trains?  Philavania just posted one that
says “If you miss the train, another one will come soon. Unlike
championships in Philadelphia.” My cousin sent me the one attached from
on the train.  I think the Philly tourism board, the one that does those
great billboard postcards, needs to get on this.  Or the Flyers just
need to sweep the Rangers in the playoffs. 

Jen C.

Rochester, NY

It’s an interesting ploy, using the disdain between the two cities to promote a barely related product.

It makes me think a company like the Philadelphia Vacuum Co. should start putting some advertisements on SEPTA trains and busses: “Philadelphia Vacuum Co. — We’re just like New York Mets players. You’ve never heard of us. And we suck.”

What New York ad you got?