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Angry Lavvy: Flyers Second Period Was Horseshit

Feb 24, 2012, 1:39 AM EDT

Peter Laviolette was pissed with the Flyers effort in Edmonton on Thursday night, calling it horseshit. Watch the video.

/throws gum

Disgraceful. That’s how Flyers coach Peter Laviolette characterized his team in a 2-0 loss in Edmonton, specifically citing the atrocious second period.

The only summary you really need, courtesy of the game notes: The Flyers haven’t scored a goal in Edmonton since October 6, 2007. We were still living in a Philadelphia that didn’t know what a championship felt like back in those days.

If that stat isn’t enough for you, Peter Laviolette went off in the post game, adding a bit of color to liven things up. [video below]

“You’d like to think it serves as a wakeup call because we’re in a playoff race,” Lavvy said. “Tonight is unacceptable. We eased our way into the first period. The second period was horseshit. Wake up and try and win a game in the third period… hopefully it’s a wakeup call.”

If you’re looking for any sort of silver lining, Ilya Bryzgalov did make a handful of really tough saves later in the loss, including a stop of a penalty shot that would have been an (earlier) dagger. Maybe that can help with his fragile psyche?