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Claude Giroux Works Out in the Offseason, Has Video to Prove It

Sep 12, 2011, 10:22 AM EDT

Flyers star Claude Giroux spent his offseason training in Ottawa. We know this because he has a video to prove it.

Claude Giroux spent his offseason in Ottawa training with Canada’s
leading Fitness Specialist, Tony Greco. We know this because there is a
slickly produced video of Claude doing exciting things like leaving his apartment, showing
up to the gym, jumping rope, working on a balance ball, and drinking the
ever-important protein shakes. After all, what is an athlete without their fuel? [video

video, done by Greco and Mediaball productions (via, gives
you a nice little glimpse into how Giroux keeps in shape. If I had to
guess, I wouldn’t be surprised if his trainer, Greco, had the video
produced as one big commercial for his business. If they train word
class athletes, they’ve got to be good enough for the average Ottawans.

Hat tip
to the Flyers
website for the info and video link