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Close Call: Coatsey Takes a Skate to the Gut

Dec 23, 2011, 8:10 PM EDT

Video of CSN's rink-side commentator Steve Coates catching a skate to the gut after the Flyers' Matt Read was leveled by Anton Stralman of the New York Rangers.

CSN’s Steve Coates had a close call in the first period of tonight’s Flyers-Rangers game, avoiding injury despite being kicked with a skate in his midsection. Matt Read of the Flyers was upended by Rangers defenseman Anton Stralman, and his skate swung up and hit Coatsey, who as usual was situated in the unprotected area between the two benches.

Video below.

Coatsey went off for a look by the trainers, but returned to his spot for the second period, noting no harm.