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Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Giroux, Laviolette Clowning Steve Ott

Dec 28, 2011, 11:54 PM EDT

Claude Giroux and Peter Laviolette clowning on Steve Ott among best moments in Philly sports television history?

kinda funny watching Flyers games this month. You see the noteworthy
events through the lens of the game cameras, then imagine what they’ll
be like if and when HBO’s 24/7 covers them in tight, panning HD, Liev
Schreiber’s voice describing a reality you already know in perfect tone, while mic’d players and coaches tell the real story.

The series has naturally trended away from favorable in-game Flyers
footage as the team has cooled off considerably toward the end of
December. But one game they heated back up in a big way for came in Dallas,
when Claude Giroux returned from his concussion and dominated the Stars
with a four-point night. As you probably recall, Peter Laviolette played
a starring role in that game too, giving Dallas’ Steve Ott a shove out
of the way as he tried to exit the bench. The league looked at the
altercation and had both parties on a conference call, but no one was
disciplined. We enjoyed the footage we initially saw, but couldn’t wait
to see it on this week’s episode, complete with Lavvy being mic’d up.

[see our original post on the Lavvy / Ott altercation here]

That footage, plus G bantering with Ott earlier about Ott’s face-off prowess, below.

Love the way this started, especially knowing full well how it would end:

Seriously Steve Ott? Telling Claude Giroux to look up your stats on The Stats landing page is topped by a pretty telling one, btw.
Watching for a second time, I was hoping Ott was being sarcastic, but I’m not so sure…

In any case, that exchange is what the show is all about. We’d seen the face-off win
and G’s first goal back. But knowing it came after Ott bragged about how
good he was in the circle, then LOST the draw? Amazing TV.

Some additional notes later.