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Milbury on Ovechkin: act like a man

Feb 28, 2013, 1:51 AM EDT

Has any NHL player’s star fallen farther over the past two years
than Alex Ovechkin’s? The Washington Capitals have been as dysfunctional as
almost any franchise in the league in recent seasons, while Ovechkin’s numbers
have plunged dramatically.

Maybe it’s him? NBC Sports’ Mike Milbury took Ovechkin to
task during the Rivalry Night broadcast, questioning the two-time Most Valuable
Player’s effort in a 4-1 defeat at the hands of the Flyers, while comparing his decision-making to that of eight year old.

Via CSN Washington:

“When you have great talent it
comes with great expectations and accountability,” Milbury said on NBC Sports
Network. “If you put him up to those two standards tonight, he fails the test

Milbury criticized Ovechkin’s for
making a blind pass in the offensive zone, saying “8-year-olds don’t do this,”
and chastised him for embellishing a high-sticking call on Braydon Coburn in
the second period. Milbury also said Ovechkin showed “no fight” along the wall.

 “I know they played three in four nights, but
that’s no excuse,” Milbury said. “And when you’re a big star like this you
don’t have to act like a baby. This is ridiculous embellishment and he should
be embarrassed by this and so should his teammates. … Get up and act like a man
for God’s sake.”

Ovechkin is coming off of his worst season since reaching
the NHL in 2005 with 65 points. His previous low of 85 was set one year
earlier. So far he has 15 points in 18 games in 2013, but the Capitals are tied
for last place in the Eastern Conference.

Sounds like one great, big mess. There’s no question
Ovechkin has all the talent in the world, but you have to wonder how long an organization
can stomach such obvious lack of effort.

>> Milbury: Ovechkin should be ‘ashamed’ [CSN Washington]