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Peter Laviolette Goes All Temple of Doom on Flyers

Dec 29, 2011, 12:16 AM EDT

Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette asks his team to rip their hearts out during a scene from HBO 24/7 Flyers Rangers Road to the Winter Classic

Ever wonder what it’s like when a coach is pissed off at his team’s performance? Wonder no more.

Peter Laviolette was not happy with his team during the second period intermission of their recent game against the Avalanche in Colorado. The Flyers entered the break down a goal and Lavvy was going to do whatever he could to get his team going.

Fortunately for us, HBO’s cameras were there to capture his tirade and projectile spittle. The best part may be when Lavvy notifies his team that he’d “Like to see people rip their fucking hearts out of their chest.”

Video of Laviolette “motivating” his team after the Jump…

As most of you probably know, I am a huge soccer fan. Lavvy’s tirade reminded me of a celebrated soccer manager famous for dressing down his players.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who is the manager at Manchester United, is an old Scottish gentleman with a bulbous nose and a penchant for absolutely destroying players who are under performing.

Ferguson’s legendary verbal assault of his players has been coined “the hairdryer”. How did it get that name?

“It was Manchester United star Mark ‘Sparky’ Hughes who came up with the
phrase hair-dryer to describe the way that Ferguson sometimes gets so
close to players when he is berating them they can feel the warmth of
his breath on their faces.”

This between periods tirade from Lavvy is definitely hairdryer-esque.

By the way, the Flyers rallied to force OT in this game – only to lose in the shootout.