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Peter Laviolette May Have Made Some Youngsters He’s Coaching During the Lockout Lose Their Lunch

Oct 24, 2012, 9:40 PM EDT

While many players are keeping themselves busy during the NHL lockout by hoping overseas to play some puck in Europe, coaches can’t just latch on to another professional team for a few games and jump ship once the lockout ends. But they could coach some teenagers!

That’s what Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette has been filling his time with as of late assisting with his sons’ team, according to his lovely wife Kristen who was a guest on DNL on Wednesday afternoon.

What does Mrs. L have to say about her husband’s coaching style with the youngsters? He’s taking it easy on them, right?

Well, it depends how old they are. If you’re under fourteen or so you may find yourself puking during practice. Yes, Lavvy is teaching the JAM at a very young age.

But that seems to have been when he first started out. Kristen has made him ease up on the boys as of late.

I’d still probably watch an HBO series about Lavvy trying to motivate a junior high hockey team.

And in closing: pleasecomebacksoon pleasecomebacksoon pleasecomebacksoon.

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