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Today Is and Feels Like Groundhog Day

Feb 2, 2013, 4:47 AM EDT

The other day I asked why people are so negative about the
Phillies this offseason, and somebody suggested it was because of the pessimism
created by the Eagles, 76ers, and Flyers. Seeing as many fans are so specific with
their criticisms of the Phillies, I tend to think there is more to it than that
(although why you all hate Delmon Young so much is beyond me). The point that
the overall vibe surrounding Philadelphia sports is depressed right now is legit

We’re certainly no better off than we were a year ago. The
Phillies limped to a .500 finish over the summer, missing the playoffs for the
first time since 2006. The Eagles finally fired Andy Reid after 14 seasons,
only to replace him with a college coach who has no NFL experience. The Sixers
traded for a superstar player that has bad knees and is yet to appear in a game
– at least they won on Friday night.

First winning streak of the season, yay!

And the Flyers were literally nonexistent for four whole
months, but have returned… apparently for the sole purpose of sucking any last remnants
of bliss from your life. Oh, and if they can have your last dollar too, they
wouldn’t mind that either.

Seriously, the Flyers are in last place after Friday – not just
in the Atlantic Division, in the entire Eastern Conference. They could hardly
mount any offense against the Capitals who have one of the worst defenses in
the NHL, they left Ilya Bryzgalov hanging out to dry yet again, and honestly
the next step here is we start whispering about whether it might be time for a
new voice inside that locker room.

We’re not having a lot of fun, are we?

This is where we’re at in the last 24 hours though. The Flyers
dropped to 2-6, the 76ers defeated the Sacramento SuperSonics (they’re hardly even a team!), and a guy
wearing a Tom Brady jersey won the friggin’ Wing Bowl. Some progress report.


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