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Video: Watch Max Talbot Shoot a Puck Out of Midair with a Bow and Arrow

Oct 2, 2012, 3:34 PM EDT

Better drop that puck soon, ref. Max Talbot has his eagle eye on it.

With the lockout going strong, NHL players are finding plenty of other places to skate. In Max Talbot’s case, he’s currently involved in a Quebec vs. Montreal exhibition with new Flyers teammate and good friend Bruno Gervais. But in this case, it’s the unconventional activity in his spare time advertising campaign that caught our attention.

Via Pro Hockey Talk, Talbot has found another way to scrape together some spare cash during the lockout: shilling for a video game. As part of a series of promos for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III, here is doctored footage of Talbot’s trick-shot archery.

Updated: initially it didn’t occur to me to verify whether or not
the video was real, but upon watching it with, you know, my eyes and
ears open, it was very obviously fake. The Philly Post has more information along with another video where Talbot performs a one-finger push-up.

“If I aim like this on the ice, I will score a lot of goals.” Indeed.

By the way, Talbot and Gervais are currently skating for team Montreal, while former Flyer and reigning Stanley Cup Champion Simon Gagne represents Quebec.