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Video: Zac Rinaldo Was Mic’d Up During Crombeating, Later Asks Ref If He Was Dirty

Feb 6, 2013, 11:01 AM EDT

Even for the most staunch supporter of fighting in hockey, watching Zac Rinaldo connect with blow after blow to B.J. Crombeen’s face last night was a pretty brutal sight. In real time, many also questioned whether Rinaldo was still landing punches once Crombeen was down on the ice. Rinaldo apparently wondered as well, and asked the referee after the fight if he did anything wrong. The ref then clears him of any guilt, noting Crombeen was still on his way down to the ice when Rinaldo landed the final blows.

So while Zac Rinaldo appears to be a mad man at times, the kind that you often want on your favorite hockey team to mix things up, I suppose it’s good to know he appears to want to stick to whatever fighting code there seems to be between two hockey players.

Also, it’s just damn fun to watch a guy mic’d up get into a brawl.