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VIDEOS: Arron Asham and James Neal Are Terrible People

Apr 15, 2012, 7:54 PM EDT

Arron Asham and James Neal both had cheap hits on Flyers players. Asham hit Brayden Schenn with a cross check and a punch after he was down. Neal had two cheap shots. One was on Sean Couturier and the other on Claude Giroux
First, Arron Asham completely loses his mind and crosschecks Brayden Schenn. As if that wasn’t enough he then throws a sucker punch while Schenn is down on the ice. [videos below]

Next, James Neal leaves his skates and launches into Sean Couturier despite the fact that Cooter did not have the puck.

Finally, Neal takes a run at Claude Giroux, which led to the mayhem we saw in the third period

Game Four on Wednesday night should be fun.