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WATN: Jeff Carter Notches Hat Trick, Rumored Reunion with Richie?

Feb 22, 2012, 11:16 AM EDT

Former Flyer Jeff Carter lit it up last night for Columbus. There are also rumblings of a Carter and Richie reunion in L.A.

Jeff Carter’s success in Columbus has certainly been mixed but as his performance last night shows he can most certainly still score in bunches. Cartsie registered a hat trick in the Blue Jackets 6-3 win over San Jose. It was the former Flyers second 3-goal game of the season despite mediocre production on the whole.

There’s also been some talk recently of Carter being targeted by the L.A. Kings, setting up a potential reunion with his best friend and drinking buddy Mike Richards. The pair’s departure from Philly wasn’t of their choosing, and they were plenty pissed at being separated after presumably signing to play together for the majority of all of their careers, but who knows, maybe they’d be even happier together in L.A.?

We’d almost like to see it — though I’d hope they never win a cup together before Philly does. Seeing one of them win a cup on their own would be much easier than seeing the duo win one together before the Flyers. That would hurt.

Here’s Carter’s highlights from last night: