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Andy Reid Explains Why LeSean McCoy Will Play on Sunday

Dec 19, 2012, 2:02 PM EDT

When LeSean McCoy suffered a concussion on a running play in
the final two minutes of a 31-6 loss in Washington, Andy Reid told reporters
his star back was still in the game because the Eagles were, “Trying to catch
up and win the game.” One month after the fact, the head coach had to explain
why he would reinsert Shady into the lineup with two games left in a season
that is already over.

Sheil Kapadia of the Eagles blog Birds 24/7 has the quote
from Reid:

“We’re all part of the team,” Reid said. “It’s not a
hierarchy that way. That’s not how it works. You’re healthy, you play. LeSean
understands that. Our team understands that. And that’s how you go about
business. LeSean wouldn’t want it any other way, and that’s how I feel with

Reid also adds that McCoy will not see a full workload on
Sunday due to his coming off of an injury.

We brought up some of the pros and cons about this decision
yesterday, but I think ultimately it’s the right decision. McCoy is the running
back, and he has been deemed healthy enough to play, therefore he should. If
there were any lingering effects at all, I’m sure he would be held out, but
Shady has already missed four games, which seems like far more than the norm.
Obviously every concussion is different, but the team certainly hasn’t been in
any rush to bring him back.

Of course, they still run the risk he suffers yet another
injury, but that is the game of football. The Eagles could theoretically shut
down every player who matters for next season – although then again I’m not so
sure how easily they would field a team these last two weeks if they did do that.

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