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Black Monday: Reids Dismissal Handed Down Today Update: Press Conference Scheduled for 1 p.m.

Dec 31, 2012, 4:58 AM EDT

The day immediately following Week 17 is commonly referred
to as Black Monday for a reason.

No point in waiting around, as it appears the Eagles will not. In an update, the Eagles have revealed on their web site that Andy Reid has been terminated.

Before yesterday’s blowout at the hands of the Giants was
even in the books, reports were surfacing that Jeffrey Lurie had already put Reid out
of his misery as early as Friday. Both the team and head coach have since
denied, but the stories were impossible to ignore all the same.

Actually, when you stop and think about the situation, it’s
almost hard to believe any formal discussion would be required at all.

The announcement will be made by Lurie at a 1 p.m. press conference. Here is his official statement:

“Andy Reid won the most games of any head coach in Eagles history and he
is someone I respect greatly and will remain friends with for many
years to come,” said Lurie. “But, it is time for the Eagles to move in a
new direction. Coach Reid leaves us with a winning tradition that we
can build upon. And we are very excited about the future.”

Elsewhere, former Eagles president Joe Banner was rumored to
be the first to make a coaching change over the weekend. The Cleveland Browns
are expected to announce that they have dumped Reid-disciple Pat Shurmur. I
take it Big Red won’t be a favorite there.

We may update this post with other firings as the day goes
on, because we’re morbid like that.

As for Reid’s prospects, there are already rumblings that he
has been calling around, building a new staff with the San Diego Chargers being
a potential destination. Believe it or not, Andy might be ready for a change, too.