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Bowen: No, Seriously, Andy Reid Will Not Be Back in 2013

Dec 8, 2012, 12:19 PM EDT

Over the past few weeks we’ve been inundated with an
increasing number of questions and comments, even articles from scribes who ought
to know better, all suggesting Andy Reid could be retained for a 15th
season as head coach of the Eagles. Les Bowen attempted to put that notion to
rest in Saturday’s edition of the Daily News.

Citing Jeffrey Lurie’s ultimatum from this past January, along with
the club’s 3-9 record… c’mon, people. Are we really doing this? Here’s Les:

He isn’t coming back. He knows he isn’t coming back. You
know he isn’t coming back, so let the poor man present Lurie with his sword
next month in peace.

Much is being made of the fact that Reid keeps pulling
levers, pushing buttons, trying to pull the plane out of its dive even though
both engines and the tail have fallen off. What do you expect him to do? We’re
talking about Andy Reid. He takes it one game at a time, always. On Wednesday,
he is always “looking forward to the challenge” of playing the
fill-in-the-blanks. After each game, he starts with “injuries.” He
has a contract through 2013. He will coach that way, until someone tells him to
stop. Wow, such a head-scratcher! I suspect most people understand this and are
only pretending they don’t to relieve the tedium of 3-9.

The one major aspect where I break from Les is the idea
that people are pretending or kidding around. Sure, there are undoubtedly some. I
think plenty of folks are actually worked up about this though. He also adds
that injuries are not the main reason for the Eagles’ disappointing season. While
true, I believe losing Jason Peters in April might’ve had a bit of a snowball

I didn’t have any intention of legitimizing this line of
thinking about Reid’s future myself, but Bowen’s take is a good read – whether
it’s for your amusement, or you just need to be put at ease.

>> Sincerely, Andy Reid won’t be back [DN]

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