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Comment of the week sponsored by Smith’s Restaurant and Bar: On the Snow Bowl atmosphere

Dec 11, 2013, 11:58 AM EDT

source:  Our January 23rd, meetup at Smith’s Restaurant and Bar in Rittenhouse is quickly approaching. Just a few reminders that it’s a Thursday night so you really should have no excuse not to come, the Flyers will be on many of their 11 televisions, but really it’ll be a great chance to mingle with both Level writers and commenters while enjoying a few cold beer specials.

You may be interested in knowing the Eagles have not lost a football game since Smith’s started their $5 Fireball shot special after every Birds’ touchdown. So maybe head over on Sunday for the super important Vikings game. $5 boneless wings or chicken nachos, $4 Harpoon pints, or $3 Bud Lights during all football games.


And for the $25 gift card winner this week we went with commenter 2sentz who loved the atmosphere of the Snow Bowl:

The kickoff with Rocky music blaring, fireworks exploding and blinding snow was chill-inducing. Palpable bittersweet feeling of “Wow this is gonna be memorable”, and “Shit, we never ever win these goofy weather games” (Fog Bowl, freezing rainy NFC Champ game vs Panthers, post-blizzard Tue nite vs. Vikes, playing through Hurricane Sandy vs Atlanta, etc).

And indeed through 2.5 quarters three-and-outs you could tangibly feel a cold hopelessness start to creep in. But fans didn’t cave, and Chip played it perfectly….kept taking the disciplined long view even through impatient “boo’s” on 3rd & long running plays while fighting for every inch of field position. There’s a reason he’s the head coach and we’re not, and he proved why.

If NFL films had coconuts they’d convert all highlights of that game to black & white, it felt like exactly like I’d imagine games in the 1940′s felt.

  1. 2sentz - Dec 11, 2013 at 4:00 PM

    Wow there’s some ugly grammar in there (numb hands?) but glad point got across, thanks guys, much appreciated.

    I overlooked big props to some clutch unsung hero’s, the 200 Level First-Aid Team. Those folks were as surprised by the weather as anyone, and were absolute life savers letting young frostbitten fans warm up in their offices in 10-minute shifts. They are the reason my 8-yr old was able to survive the day. Guess who’s getting xmas cookies at the Bears game….


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